Scientific Studies show that only Premium Grade 1 Saffron is suitable for health applications.



Not all Saffron is created equal and like wine it can take a trained eye, nose and pallet to know the difference. Saffron ranges from Grade I to Grade III (see above) and grades are determined by the Colour, Flavour and Aroma of the Saffron.


We know what happens with our Wynyard Estate NZ Saffron from the time it flowers to the time it's packaged. Annually since 2015, we have had our Saffron tested (by the University of Otago) against the stringent international standards for Saffron quality (ISO 3632).


Results showed that Wynyard Estate Saffron grown here in New Zealand is Premium Grade 1, meaning it -


  • Is superior in colour, taste and aroma than low quality Saffron

  • Is Sargol Saffron with no floral waste (meaning it is pure Saffron and nothing else)

  • Is 100% Guaranteed Premium Grade 1 as set by the International Standards for Saffron quality

  • Not blended with any other Saffron

  • Packaged to high standards


…100% guaranteed every-time.



The ‘Health Star Rating’ system is about making it quicker and easier for New Zealand consumers to make better informed, healthy food choices.

The Health Star Rating system uses a star rating scale of half a star to 5 stars. Foods with more stars have better nutritional value.

Wynyard Estate Saffron is Health Star Rating is 5



GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. We use a NZ based GMP facility to manufacture and produce Hawkeye.




Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is an American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation that a chemical or substance added to food is considered safe by experts ( Saffron has GRAS status.



Our Saffron was thoroughly tested by a 3rd-party facility in NZ for any unwanted microbes. It passed with flying colours. Always check that any Saffron you buy is dried at  70 degrees Celsius to ensure any unwanted microbes are killed. 


Our Saffron corms were originally sourced from 2-Paddocks in Central Otago. Corms are propagated using standard techniques. We follow strict plant husbandry protocols to ensure our plants are healthy and well cared for.



NP 3 is the food health & safety programme set by the Food Health & Safety Authority in NZ. All Saffron growers must hold this verification. Wynyard Estate volunteered to implement the programme immediately and NP 3 status was granted in 2016.

This is a public register and you can check by going to the Ministry Primary Industries website.



Saffron is the most highly adulterated spice inthe world. Reports have shown that approximately 1 in 2 Saffron products have been tampered with in some way. We take quality control very seriously and we know what happens with our Saffron from the time it flowers to the time it's packaged.


With Wynyard Estate Saffron you’re safe in the knowledge that its -


  1. PREMIUM GRADE QUALITY – Wynyard Estate Saffron is Premium Grade 1 Sargol Saffron.

  2. FRAUD - a 2012 report showed that up to 99% of Spanish Saffron was actually low quality imported Iranian saffron and repackaged as Spanish saffron. The US Food Fraud Database showed that there are over 109 different ways to fraudulently make Saffron. We want to protect us and you from fraudulent behaviour. 

  3. NOT BLENDED WITH OTHER SAFFRON – you’ll get Premium Grade I Wynyard Estate Saffron 100% every time. We don't blend our NZ Saffron with Saffron grown on other farms or imported saffron.

  4. SARGOL SAFFRON THREADS ONLY – Pure red Saffron is called SARGOL Saffron. The yellow and orange bits you may see on your usual Saffron threads aren’t Saffron, this is floral waste. It has no culinary value. They are left on there to increase the weight of the product…so you end up paying more for less. In other words buyers are getting ripped-off. With Wynyard Estate you get Sargol Saffron and nothing else. NEVER buy powdered Saffron, unless from a reputable supplier - it's too easy to adulterate.

  5. PROTECTED BY ANTI-FRAUD CHECKS – Our Saffron has specific biological signatures unique to our location in Central Otago. That means we can take any Saffron in the world and know whether it’s ours or not. We want you to have confidence…every time…that you are getting the real deal. If you’re unsure that the Saffron you are using is from Wynyard Estate, just send as a sample (we’ll pay the postage) and we’ll test it for free to make sure.

  6. PROCESSED UNDER FOOD SAFETY – Wendy and I are both trained in Food Health and Safety.  We control every step of our product production from planting, processing and packaging. We know what happens when and where. 100 % NZ grown and manufactured!

  7. 100% GUARANTEED - Wynyard Estate Saffron, non blended, Sargol Saffron

WARNING - yellow and white parts on your saffron product is not saffron - it's left on there to increase the weight. 
We use only Sargol Saffron 




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Scientifically validated to support & maintain eye health
Premium Grade 1 Saffron grown in NZ
Take only one small capsule per day
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$2 donated to Macular Degeneration NZ for every bottle sold

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