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Hawk Eye - Heavyweight Pack, six bottles, each containing 60 capsules of our Premium Grade 1 Saffron with the excipient filler (vege and gluten free) giving you a 360 day supply. That is only $1.03 per day. Fight for your Sight, Naturally.

The 360 day supply has free shipping within NZ and worldwide.

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New Stock expiry 12/2027 



Hawk Eye - Heavyweight Pack 360 Day Supply

  • Please note: Standard postage is free with this order. We send internationally, all parcels are tracked and we will replace undelivered or damaged items. If your parcel is showing as delivered but you have not received it, contact your local postal service first. Also check with neighbours and any areas around the post box that the parcel may have been placed. If the local courier cannot find your parcel we will refund you or replace this - after all due process has been followed. Please contact us if you require more information. Please allow for this and any delays in overseas postal systems during the COVID-19 period. Please contact Wendy if you have any questions, thank you.

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