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Hawk Eye - two bottles, each containing our Premium Grade 1 Saffron and excipient filler (vege and gluten free). Not blended with any other product. The bottle each contain 60 capsules giving you a 120 Day supply. This is a great starter pack @ only $1.08 per day. Fight for your Sight, Naturally.  

Clinical Trials and studies show that 90 days was the marker for change. Having a 120 day starter pack allows for the Saffron to do its work!  Make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up to date.

New batch Expiry 12/2026




Hawk Eye - Starter Pack 120 Day Supply

  • Dose and Administration- 

    Orally Administered. 20mg = One capsule per day is the recommended evidence-based dose of Saffron for supporting eye health.

    ​Contraindications -​

    This product is not intended for children, women who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant or individuals who are using blood thinning medications [NOTE: even though scientific evidence shows that consumption of >200mg Saffron (10x our capsule dose) in one sitting may react with blood thinners - we advise you to seek advice from a health professional when considering supplements). All scientific studies can be found at 

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