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5000 Commercial Corms - includes GST.  New Zealand only. Contact us directly to discuss. Become part of the NZ Saffron Guild support network and learn about growing Saffron commercially. We are fully booked out for 2023 and 2024. Pre - orders are being taken for 2025, thank you.

5000 Wynyard Estate Commercial Corms

  • Commercial corm orders will be sent out mid December to end of January. This can be later by arrangement. Ask us about soil preparation if you are unsure. 

  • Wynyard Estate Saffron offer a virtual workshop for you if you do not live close by. This means you will have access on how to become a commercial Saffron grower. Calculations, costs, set up, planting, harvest etc. Free, from us! Plus our ongoing free support when required -if you need us! You will also recieve this infomation via email to do your own recording and worksheets. Contact Wendy for more information

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