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Saffron has a range of known clinically proven affects. Watch the videos on how Saffron improves PMS and is as effective as Prozac. Below is alist of know health benefits of Saffron.

Saffron makes you smile

Saffron has been shown to act a powerful anti-depressant. Clinical trials have shown Saffron to be a effective as prescribed drugs.



Saffron improves your vision

Research teams in Italy and Australia have clinically proven that Saffron can halt the process of macular eye disease. While it cannot cure the disease a daily course of Saffron can halt further degeneration of eye sight.



Saffron gives you a happy heart

Clinical trials have shown Saffron to have a positive effect on our cardiovascular systems and delivers a potential positive anti-oxidant effect.



Saffron improves your memory

Especially for Alzheimers sufferers. Clinical trials showed that Saffron produced significant increase in cognitive function compared to placebos.


Saffron suppresses your appetite

Saffron through suppressing appetite leads to significant weight loss and decrease in snacking frequency which equal weight loss.


Saffron has aphrodesiac-like qualities

Saffron has been clinically show to improve your labedo.


Saffron helps with PMS

Saffron has been clinically shown to alleviate PMS symptoms.


Disclaimer: Wynyard Estate Saffron makes no claim that our Saffron would provide the health benefits listed above or other recognised health benefits of Saffron


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