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Welcome to the Free Saffron and Garden Tour Page-


Bookings are essential.

Our Saffron tours are great for Garden Clubs, Car Clubs, Motorbike Clubs, Women Groups and all Lovers of Saffron. While we do not provide food, you are welcome to bring your own morning or afternoon tea to enjoy. I can provide hot/cold water, and larger group bookings will get a Saffron surprise.  Or take some time to visit one on the many wonderful cafes in the area. There is also a powder room to freshen up in, before heading off to your next destination!

Please contact Wendy using the form in the left-hand-side-panel.

Book our Free Saffron and Garden Tour, where you can -

  • visit our Saffron Studio and try out some of the tasty treats (see below);

  • Go out to the field and discover all about Saffron growing, production and processing. Here you might learn some of our secrets.

  •  Enjoy some leisure time wandering around our Garden, see the roses in bloom (we have over 220), the fish swimming in the pond, wander through our developing Almond grove or just enjoy a bit of you-time.

Alternatively, you can freely pop-in to our Saffron studio Wed-Fri from

3-5pm. This is where you'll find our Premium Grade Saffron and discover all sort of fantastic Saffron products (and some you can try).

  • One gram; half gram and 0.2 gram Premium Saffron. You get a bunch of recipes as well. (Larger amounts available)

  • Hawk Eye - discover the benefits of Saffron in supporting and maintaining your eye health, using our Saffron Capsules (all made here in NZ) 

  • Lady Hawk - for Women's Health, a natural Saffron powder supplement just for Women.

  • A great range of Saffron Infused Spreads available in small and large, great gifts for others or yourself!

  • Saffron and Elder-flower Cordial (check in stock) a fantastic Saffron Summer delight to add to your sparkling beverage.

  • Wynyard Estate Saffron gift-ware, to spread the love of Saffron

  • Saffron infused Goat's Milk Soaps and Body Wash made with love from Simple Naked Soaps - with our Saffron of course.

  • Red Gold - Local Honey from Berryland and Saffron infused to make magic.

  • The 8th Deadly Sin. OK this one doesn't have Saffron in it, but the delicious mix of blackberry, dark chocolate, almonds all mixed together is like chocolate spread on steroids.

All our spreads have less sugar in them than some of those other jokers (except the 8th Deadly Sin of-course). And if anything takes your fancy you can get it for yourself (we have eftpos available), or bundle it up into a gift pack.

Yes we have eftpos available, credit cards are also welcome for purchases over $30 and we do still take good old fashioned cash too!

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flowers after harvest

The last of the Saffron flowers, left to mother nature. We do not harvest these. Beauty remains in the Saffron Paddock